Here Goes Nothing

5 years ago, I started a semi successful blog on Piczo. Keep in mind that this was eighth grade and piczo was kind of the height of the blogging scene. The success of my blog was really awesome back then, but now it’s more like
“Wow… so a hundred people read your blog post on a website… nice… i have a thousand followers on twitter…”
Yeah you’re right, that is pretty cool. I don’t have a retort since I only have 150 followers on twitter but thats not the point.
The point is that I tried to access my super amazing blog tonight and it didn’t work. Piczo is down forever and with it, my work of art. Rest in peace,

I had decided that I would never blog again but you know what, things change, and maybe it’s time for a new era.
And maybe only my mom will read this (or maybe not even her) but I’ll probably have more fun here with NO CHARACTER LIMIT than on twitter.
Or maybe I’ll get bored really fast and go immediately back to twitter.

Stay tuned,