The end of the beginning

You know how sometimes it’s midnight, but then you blink and somehow it’s 3 am? That was high school.

It’s been four long years but at long last, it’s over. As of 9:30 pm on June 24th I am a high school graduate. As a graduated Ontario Scholar, here are my thoughts.
High school is one long routine, where the same thing happens in slightly different situations. You see the same people but in slightly different hallways.
Here’s the problem, when you get used to a four year routine, it’s hard to break out. I was so excited to end the routine that I hadn’t given much thought to what comes next. I’ll be in a whole different league come this September. I’ll have to start being an adult.
As September comes closer, those who would preach about how ready they were to leave are now wishing they could relive it.
Instead of being asked where I’m going in the fall, I’m being asked if I would go back.
Honestly? No. I’ll miss high school, but if I were to stay another year, I would just be sticking to the same routine. It’s not going to stop being a routine if you do it one more time, if anything it will just be harder to break out when the time comes. The best way to get over high school is to throw yourself into a newer, more expensive routine – post-secondary studies.
And hey, if that fails, just get so drunk that you don’t remember high school at all.

After all, it’s never really the end, is it?