New Year's One: Creating your personal timezone

Blue Monday: A term given to the third Monday in January, in order to draw realization to the fact that everything you think you’ve achieved so far this year (regarding your New Year’s Resolution) is meaningless, unless you’ve achieved nothing at all, in which case this acts as a sad realization that it’s been three weeks and you still haven’t gone to the gym.

Blue Monday this year was on January 18th, which was also the day I intended to have this posted. Obviously I could not due to my crippling blues caused by the date, which were, in fact, so crippling that I could not post this for the rest of the week.

Kind of like how I use “Mercury is in retrograde!” as a valid excuse for everything…

One of my resolutions for the new year was to be more organized, an idea that I thought was going well until I realized that buying a planner does not make me an organized person, regardless of what Kate Spade has to say about it.

If you’re like me, and Blue Monday was the day you realized that your resolution is overdue, worry not: consider the idea that since time is a concept anyway, you may as well set your own date for the new year.

‘New Year’s One’ is a concept that Richard and I created when we realized that we had not gone to the gym all month, neither had we stopped spending unnecessary amounts of money on junk food and… other stuff.

“No worries”, we said, “it’s not New Year’s One until we say it’s New Year’s One.”

New Year’s One officially started about a week ago, but New Year’s Two seems to be taking a little longer to overcome.

The point of this is that you shouldn’t force yourself to change drastically out of nowhere, just because it’s January 1st. A change in your life should go at your pace, and depending on how serious you are about the change you want to make, this pace could speed up, or even slow down. Who cares??? You are the planner of your life, and therefore you should be allowed to create your own calendar. That said, try not to forget that the real world runs on a different time frame, and you should arrange your personal time zone accordingly.

For those who have set goals and are already way on track to achieving them, I have a lot of respect for you. For those who don’t believe in resolutions, you’re lying, good luck on your secret goals.

And hey, don’t take yourself too seriously. Blue Monday was really only made up so airlines and travel companies could squeeze out money from the weak who thought that what they needed was a change of setting.

Good luck,