Your Fall 2018 Shopping List

Good news (for some of us at least)! It’s finally autumn. If you’re like me, it was autumn as soon as September hit, regardless of what the calendar (or the weather, for that matter) said.

Side note; do we like ‘autumn’? Do you say ‘fall’ or ‘autumn’? I feel like I use both interchangeably. These are important questions, please do let me know.

Since we’ve already discussed the fashion MUST-HAVES for Fall (oh, you haven’t seen that? Click here to catch up!), it’s time to discuss what’s trending for the best fashion season of the year. Let’s take a look at our seasonal shopping list, shall we?


I feel like this trend comes back every fall, and for good reason. Fall is the season of layering, and the look of mixed materials gives off a layered effect. Think of a shearling jacket, for example; the contrast between the suede and the shearling on the jacket makes the entire jacket look warmer and more layered, even though it’s just one piece. Other examples of places you’d see this trend at work would be a shirt with mesh sleeves and a solid base, or a piece with paneling (leather, mesh, vinyl, fur, etc.) My favorite pair of fall boots (sold out, but photo above) is faux suede with a pleather toe cap, a pleather heel backing, and a gold accent on the heel. The way these different materials are blended together makes the boot more interesting and appealing to look at. It also helps that they incorporate metallic accents, which we will discuss later in this post.


Maybe this is just me, but for so many years, I had this idea ingrained in me that animal print was tacky. Now, maybe I’m a forward thinker, or just spiritually connected to fashion, but in the summer I started to look at animal print a little differently, and even picked up a leopard print scrunchie to ease my way into what I was sure would be a huge trend. In fact, if this trend is a little too bold for you, jewelry and accessories are a great way to test the waters – like the earrings in the pic above.

from my insta!

If you visited the Louis Vuitton pop-up museum in Toronto this month, you would have seen this gorgeous Alaia bag from 1996, a perfect example of making a statement with animal print, while putting the mixed material contrast to work.

One more note on this trend – last time we spoke, I mentioned that printed boots are a great way to make a statement – if you’re bold enough, animal print boots would be an amazing look. Especially if you incorporate mixed material, as mentioned above!


I was originally going to call this one “Metallic Accents”, but it’s so much more than just that. Although adding metal accents is a huge fall trend, it really falls into the larger category of adding casual glamour into your wardrobe. Like, for one thing, I’ve started to see pearl-studded mesh tops everywhere! That’s a surefire way to add some glamour to a casual look. If you pair that top (above) with a bralette, a pair of jeans (belted, of course) and some sleek boots, you have an extremely trendy and yet effortless look on your hands. Other examples of this trend would be using metallics as more than just accent pieces. For my birthday outfit last weekend, I wore I silver tube top with pleather leggings. Pleather and vinyl can also be categorized under this trend, now that I think of it. The glossy sheen can add a glam vibe to a casual outfit with little to no extra effort. But there’s no reason to go big and bold if that’s not your thing – you can also make the most of layering necklaces for a metallic accent, or even just pieces with contrast zippers!


it's me!

Okay, stop everything. This is my favorite trend of all. If you’re going to do anything on this list, do this one. This trend has made me revamp my entire wardrobe. I wear trousers more often than I wear jeans now, and that’s huge for me. Printed blazers are so hot right now – and not just plaid! Houndstooth is a gorgeous print that fits in so well with autumnal fashion. Plaid is, of course, a fan favorite and extremely easy to find, but this trend is such a fun way to experiment with prints. The best part? It’s appropriate everywhere you go. Work fashion? Yes. School fashion? Yes. Going to a party? Stunt. I picked up a gorgeous plaid trench from Forever21, but I’ve also seen some gorgeous blazers at basically every other store. Go get some.


When I was planning this post in my head a few weeks ago, this trend was called “Tommy Stripes”, on account of the red, white and blue stripes I was seeing everywhere for a week or two. But then, just as quickly as they showed up, they disappeared. Now, I’m still seeing stripes (I mean, come on, stripes are a season-less trend), but I’m seeing them in Autumnal tones. Warm colors like browns, oranges, reds and the like make a piece feel more vintage, which in turn, makes people think of warmth. However, I still love a good Tommy stripe, so I made sure to include one in the moodboard.


This isn’t exactly new – I saw lots of people sporting this mid-to-late-August, but it hasn’t died down yet and I don’t think it will until the winter fashion starts coming out. What I love about these is that they’re both trendy and functional. I could (and have) gone to the gym in a pair of chunky sneakers. They’re comfortable, they add height, they have some extra cushioning – what’s not to love? Well, apart from the fact that Chunky Dad Sneakers is a little off-putting…


These encompass the cozy fall vibe that everyone strives for. I don’t even have much to say about them, because they speak for themselves. I actually bought one over the summer in anticipation for this trend revival (told you I was forward-thinking). Imagine coming into your lecture on a chilly fall morning in this fuzzy coat, warm drink in hand. One thing I will note though is that if you’re on a budget and looking for a coat that’s versatile, get this in a light or dark beige/nude – it will go with anything… for real.

What are your favorite fall trends? Did I miss one? Let me know below!

Thanks for reading,

xo Raye