What Your Closet Needs This Winter

Hi! Happy end of January!

This is usually the time of the year where people start feeling kind of frumpy and uninspired. In fact, today is Blue Monday, which is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Maybe you’re starting to slack on your new year’s resolutions, or you find yourself wearing the same sweater and jeans 5 days a week…

Forget that though, Blue Monday is just a made-up day that travel agencies use to sell vacations, and you can start over anytime you like (and here’s how).

The best way to get out of a fashion rut is to refresh and pick up some trendy new pieces to style for the winter months. Don’t worry, spring is coming soon!


Let’s start with an easy one – brown tones are huge this winter. Anything from lighter, beige-y tones, to camel, to deep brown shades. Brown tones are a no-brainer to style because they’re neutral and go with anything. Pair a beige sweater with jeans, cinched with a trendy belt (like the chain one above). Throw a brown or camel coat over a monochrome outfit for a super sleek and put-together look. You can even achieve this look with a brown-toned scarf with a neutral outfit.


Another easy one! Athleisure is the king of relaxed streetwear trends, and jumping on that bandwagon is as easy as throwing on a hoodie or jacket with a trendy logo. What’s great about this trend is that you can usually find great pieces in thrift stores, which will save you lots of $$$. But, if you’re ballin’ out and have that kind of cash, designer logos are a big flex.


Cozy textures all 2019!! Corduroy is a great way to incorporate a 70s flair into your look. You’ll definitely see it in bottoms and jackets, but I’ve even seen corduroy boots. There are no boundaries when it comes to 70’s fashion.


If you were at all concerned that businesswear was over, don’t be. Incorporating businesswear into casual outfits is still as trendy as ever. Pair trousers with a casual bodysuit for an elevated casual look, or throw a blazer over your usual jeans-and-tee combo. Or, try a matching plaid set for a boss-babe look a la Cher Horowitz.


If you’re the kind of person who is willing to make bold fashion statements but gets kind of lazy when it comes to winter dressing, this was pretty much made for you. Plus, there’s no way you can be feeling any kind of winter blues in a pair of statement pants. For an edgy and lowkey look, cinch a pair of dark plaid pants with a chain belt and pair with chunky boots. Or, incorporate another trend into the pants, like the animal print or silver pants above – animal print is still super trendy, and silver is going to be one to watch for spring. Tip: for the super cold days, wear tights underneath the pants.


Western influences were all over the FW19 runways, and will probably be around for most of the spring too, especially since April is the height of Boho and Western fashion (hello, Coachella). Expect to see fringe making a comeback on jackets, accessories, and everything in between. Puffy sleeves and other boho-style tops will be a huge styling piece for the spring, but adding them to a casual look makes for an effortlessly feminine and chic look. Also – cowboy boots. Enough said.


If you like brights, this is for you. Neons are daunting, but super easy to style because they do all the talking for you. A neon dress requires little to no other styling, and neon sweaters will make you the center of attention in any room you enter.


I couldn’t actually make a winter trend report without including puffer jackets.
Especially since this is a trend that refuses to be missed – who can keep their eyes off of these? This is the height of cozy winter fashion, and they are so so necessary for when the temperature drops into negatives.


To round things off, let’s talk accessories. I’ve recently been loving scrunchie-scarves. I have like, 5, and I wear them non-stop. They’re such a cute and simple addition to an outfit. Next, statement belts. In my last post, I talked about my favourite snakeskin belt, but I’ve also gotta shout out chain belts for how easily they make an outfit edgier and, honestly, cooler. Finally, western accessories like I mentioned earlier. While that totally includes the layered coin necklaces that you’ve been seeing for the past few months, it also includes cute fringy pieces like these earrings. See, fringe isn’t so bad!

Did I miss any of your favourite winter trends? Are there any trends you’re super hyped for? Do you just want winter to be over already? Let me know.

Thanks for reading!

xo, Raye