A Crash Course in Layering

If you’re in Toronto, or anywhere else that’s been hit with heavy snow in the past few weeks, I’m guessing you’re probably over winter. And you’re probably cold – same here. Since there will probably be at least 5 more winter storms before the weather warms up, let’s talk about layering, a.k.a; the best way to stay warm and still look stylish.

Double Sweaters

I think the real lesson to be learned here is that turtlenecks are an essential piece for a winter wardrobe. Now that I’m thinking about it, 75% of the outfits in this post use some variation of a turtleneck, so that really speaks to the versatility of turtleneck layers. Go get you one.

This look was worn on a freezing cold day, so I actually wore so many layers, including a pair of thermal leggings under my fleece-lined jeans, and a bodysuit under the two main layers of this look; a ribbed white turtleneck (from Dynamite) and a fuzzy crew-neck sweater. These two pieces, together, look like one trendy sweater with a statement neck – and the turtleneck is tight enough not to add any extra bulk to the outfit.

Winter Dresses

For the days when the temperature is in the negatives and there’s a winter storm blowing, but it’s spring in your heart.

So basically, I bought this adorable dress on sale from Urban Outfitters, and I was distraught that it would probably be a solid 4 months before I could wear it in the sunshine, paired with a pretty bralette. So instead, I paired it with an eggshell turtleneck – I didn’t want to use my ribbed one because I felt the ribbed texture didn’t work well with the details on the dress. This one is from H&M.

The Punk Edit

I used to dress like this in high school, so this is a fun, nostalgic moment for my closet. It also gives me an excuse to shop for more vintage band tees, so it’s kind of a win-win for me.

I really punked this look out, but the focal point of the look is the band tee layered over the turtleneck. I added my favourite ripped jeans, a chain clipped onto my belt, a layered choker, and my current go-to platform boots. The band tee is from Black Market Vintage (as is the chain), the turtleneck is from H&M, and the layered necklace is from Boohoo.

Campus Cozy

This look makes me feel like the quintessential college student in an indie movie – just add a coffee and a laptop.

For this look, I layered my fuzzy, striped crewneck (Forever21) over a collared dress shirt (from H&M). I love this look because the dress shirt is actually personalized with my initials, which I embroidered on. I paired it with my go-to black jeans, a cute belt and a comfy pair of boots. I also threw on some gold hoop earrings to match the belt and class up the look.

Trendy Layers

This look incorporates my favourite winter trends – animal prints, teddy coats, and nude tones. This was my homage to the NYFW streetwear looks that I was browsing while sitting in my lectures.

The leopard print bodysuit was thrifted, but the tag says Cosmopolitan. The teddy coat is from Zaful, but I’ve had lots of people ask me if it’s from I.Am.Gia or other boutique stores that sell the same style. Since it’s winter, I threw on a black beanie, but I did also have a pair of sunglasses on hand in case the sun was more powerful than the freezing wind.

So these are my five favourite layers to wear in the freezing cold. As much as I would love nothing more than not to freeze whenever I step outside, I do love layering my clothes in fun ways – as long as I’m warm and I like my outfit, I’ll be fine waiting a little longer for spring.

Let me know which look is your favourite or if you’re going to recreate any of these!

Thanks for reading,

xo Raye