Your Summer 2019 Shopping List

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled content! The sun is out, the days are long and the weather is hot. It’s time to discuss the hottest trends for the summer season so that we can build our shopping lists and start whipping out those summer ‘fits.


At this point, we’re just cycling through animal prints and slapping them on everything and anything. This is an easy trend to style because it makes a statement. Any animal-printed clothing item or accessory can be used as a statement piece, which means that you don’t have to put any extra work into styling your outfit. Pairing a basic tee with printed pants (shown below) looks so chic, but is so effortless. Wearing an animal printed accessory or shoe adds that special accent to an otherwise monochrome outfit – nothing else has to be done!


This is your new basic, actually. It would honestly be a shock to me to hear that someone doesn’t own a pair of these yet. First, this is perfect for hot summer days. As I mentioned in my last post, nobody likes the feeling of their thighs rubbing together on a hot day (or do you? Sound off in the comments if I’ve insulted a crucial aspect of your summer fun), and I know that lots of people aren’t huge fans of shorts that ride up so high. These are the exact opposite, they sit at your lower thigh and make your legs look slimmer… talk about a win-win situation. Two major biker short trends to watch? Denim biker shorts (aka, the new bermuda) and biker shorts juxtaposed with a dressier piece, like a blazer. I know it sounds strange, but look at the facts and see if you reconsider.


Speaking of juxtaposition, I’ve actually been really feeling outfits that pair dainty prints or dresses with chunky sneakers or boots. I’ve got a couple of go-to sandals for the summer, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go straight for my sneakers first. I’ve even styled a few summer looks with my favourite boots because I love the juxtaposition between a dainty piece like a sundress and a chunkier piece, like a boot or sneaker. I even love the idea of pairing my chunky sneakers with my work slacks and white shirts for a biz casual look.


Specifically those pale, pastel greens, like sage. Light pastels are always popular during the warmer months, but green has been especially popular. If you’re not the kind of person to opt for colours in your wardrobe, style a pastel green piece the same way you would a nude or beige piece – treat it like a neutral.


Something about summer makes you want to live out your most aesthetically pleasing, high-fashion dreams. Luxurious fabrics like silk, satin and lace are perfect for daydreaming about gondola rides and sipping on fancy champagne. Style this trend by pairing it with casual denim pieces to for an upscale casual look, or with equally luxe skirts to amp up the high fashion fantasy.


In the same vein as wearing luxurious fabrics to feel like your classiest self, dainty gold jewelry is back on trend. This is an easy trend to style because dainty pieces don’t make a statement, per se, but they do add interest and subtle luxury to your outfit. Even a basic t-shirt and jean combo can be made more interesting by adding some simple gold accents.


Hair accessories are everywhere right now, and you’ve probably seen them all over your Instagram feed and in the hair of every influencer you follow. If you’re not already on board with this trend, it’s time to get on board. Shell and beaded motifs are still king, but I have seen a bunch of gold acetate hair clips in stores – which fits in perfectly with the last trend we spoke about! If you’re not the hair clip type, consider a hair scarf instead. You can style it as a headband or use it in place of a scrunchie. Definitely a must have for the days when it’s too hot to have your hair down.


If you’re not feeling the luxe vibes this summer and just want to keep things very casual, then the graphic tee trend could not have come back at a better time for you. Most of us have grown past the trend of puns on our graphic tees (no shade if you haven’t though, wear what you want!), and would likely veer more towards graphic tees with art pieces or something with a powerful statement. Or, you know, forget all that and just wear your favourite cartoon on a t-shirt. There are no rules.


In my opinion, mules are a must-have shoe for the summer. As someone who wears boots and sneakers year-round, sandals aren’t my favourite thing to wear. Mules are different though – mules are so comfortable and yet so chic. They’re literally slip-ons with a heel.. you get the comfort and low-maintenance of a slip on shoe, but the slimming impact of a sleek heel. What’s not to love?


It seems as though there are 3 major bag trends this summer. The first one, of course, is straw and woven bags. We want to hold on to the picnic inspiration for as long as we possibly can! These bags go really well with a sundress, a skirt, or your go-to picnic outfit. The second trend is mini bags… like as mini as possible. As impractical as it may seem, I’m in love with this trend. I’ve even seen images floating around of people using them as belt bags, which I am obsessed with. These bags are truly for essentials only: you keep your ID, your credit card, a 20$ bill and a lip gloss. Go forth, queen.

Finally, I’ve been seeing a lot of tote bags or shoppers. Some of these have been woven (we love two trends in one), but some of them have also been clear, a la Versace. It’s basically the new beach bag, which I’m all for! If the mini bag trend made you uneasy, consider opting for this one instead.

What do you think? Will you be wearing any of these trends? Did I miss one that you’re especially excited about? Let me know in the comments! Like this post if you enjoyed the read and share it with your shopping partner – so you’re on the same page for your next trip.

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*All photos not of me are from WeHeartIt