Styling Summer 2019 Trends: A Look-book

So I know fall doesn’t officially start until late September (it falls on my birthday this year, just FYI), but I start planning my fall wardrobe once August hits. This year, I actually started planning my wardrobe in July because I found a magnificent pair of boots from Zara that I simply had to own. Mind you, I wore them multiple times this summer too because I’m that obsessed with them. I have a few things left to do to make my summer feel complete (Shakespeare in the park, a trip to the CNE, a drive-in movie), but I’m basically ready for summer to end and fall to begin.

That said, when one season nears its end, it’s only fair to give it a proper send-off. There were so many trends that I loved styling this summer, and I really leaned into some trends that I had previously decided weren’t for me. They ended up being part of some of my favourite outfits! Of course, there are still going to be some great summer outfits that won’t be included in this look-book, but they will live happily on my Instagram feed instead. To make your life easier, I’ve linked each look to my LikeToKnowIt page, where you can find the exact thing I’m wearing or something very similar. Okay, let’s do it; here are my favourite trends of Summer 2019 and how I styled them.

I really loved the animal print trend this summer. I’ve always been a fan of a statement piece in an animal print (I’m partial to snake print and leopard print) because they do all the work for you! Some of my most-complimented looks have just been basics paired with my aforementioned snake print boots from Zara, or my leopard midi skirt (um, also from Zara. I worked there for like, a month, and it was hard to avoid shopping…).

This outfit, as I mentioned, was built around this midi skirt. I flip-flopped between a black crop top or a white one, but settled on white because I wanted to be comfy in my Adidas, which are also white. To accessorize, I added a pair of dangly shell earrings (from Zara, okay!) and a pink satin scrunchie, since I opted for a low bun. I also added a pair of cut-off sunnies in a tortoiseshell print to match the nude and brown tones. Fun fact: I wore this to a pop-up with a friend, and we got caught in a fucking torrential downpour. That’s not a joke. I was soaking wet in these photos.


If you read my last blog post, you would know that I received this stunning skirt from Mango as a gift from my Grandmother (who loves Mango and has a secret talent of finding gorgeous pieces for great prices). Unfortunately, I’m 5’2 (and a half!!) and the skirt was definitely designed for taller people. For summer wear, I restyled it into a midi dress – a look that I absolutely loved.

I’m planning on wearing this as a fall piece too, in a similar fashion. My plan is to wear it the same way, like a dress, but then throw a cute sweater over it so that it looks like I’m wearing a midi skirt the normal way. Stay tuned for that one – I’m thinking it’ll be a date night look.


In case you didn’t get the hint from my previous two outfits, I have seriously loved midi skirts this summer. This one is another skirt that my darling grandmother picked out for me! It was also a little long, and a little big in the waist area, but my mom and I got right to work at hemming it and taking in the waist.

I paired the new and improved skirt with a black crop top and a pair of low-cut white sneakers, with the laces tied around my ankles. I probably meant to accessorize more, but ended up just throwing on a big pair of sunnies and my everyday bag. It was an easy, breezy look for a day walking around the city with my friend.


This was my first time wearing culottes. Previously, I had decided that they simply were not for me and my short 5’2 (and a half!!) legs. Plus, I kind of thought they looked like pajamas. But when I got an invitation to a tropical themed blogger brunch, I took one look at my neutral-heavy closet and knew I had to whip something up.

I picked up these linen culottes from Nasty Gal, along with this red, knotted headband. My idea for the look was to take a wide-leg linen pant and dress it up with red accents – red and green are usually the tropical colour palette, but red was more accessible for me. I was torn on the top because I had actually planned to wear this outfit with this one-shoulder top from Dynamite, but I couldn’t find my size in time. I decided to go with a red tank top (I’m 90% sure this is an oldddd piece from Urban Planet, but I’m really not sure), and an easy pair of red slides from Le Chateau. To accessorize, I added a pair of dangly shell earrings (from Zara) and a gold pendant from Swarovski.


The trend isn’t sundresses, it’s the pairing of a summer dress with a boot. I looovee the look of mini-dresses paired with chunky Docs or lug-sole booties. It’s the perfect balance between dainty and edgy, which are the two sides of my fashion-obsessed brain. Unfortunately, my fabulous Zara boots are sold out, but I did find this pair from Lulu’s that is very similar.

I wore this outfit to my brother’s 8th grade graduation. The dress was an impulse buy from Winners – it was 20$ and I couldn’t leave it behind. I also was particularly proud of my make-up look this day, which was entirely due to my new Huda Beauty: Mauve Obsessions palette. Who knew mauve really worked for me? I was also having a fantastic hair day, so that helped.


There was never a time that I didn’t think this trend was dope. This is kind of a controversial piece for a lot of fashion lovers, because it’s incredibly (like, incredibly) low-maintenance. But now that the likes of Jacquemus have sported biker shorts on the runway, opinions are shifting. Low-maintenance pieces offer the most range for how you can style them. Plus, I was never a fan of cut-offs or daisy dukes anyway – biker shorts protect from chafing (so fun) and make my legs look slim, all the while keeping me just as cool as my cut-offs would.

I bought these biker shorts from Nasty Gal when the pair I had my eye on from Boohoo was sold out in my size. The only difference between them is that the Nasty Gal pair has some distressing, which I dig. I paired the shorts with this one-shoulder cropped tank, also from Nasty Gal, and my trusty Adidas Superstars. To accessorize, I added a gold glasses chain (also a trend I loved this summer, and also from Nasty Gal) to a pair of black cut-off sunnies (from Chickaberry Boutique).


I have been a fan of mules for years. Last summer, I purchased a black pair from Nasty Gal and a red pair from Le Chateau (see culottes), to add to the pink, closed-toe pair that I purchased from Nasty Gal a year prior (see below). I extended many thank yous to past Raye for buying so many pairs in so many colours, because I really lowered my cost-per-wear this summer. For one thing, my office is cool with open-toed shoes, so I’ve been wearing them to work (I work full-time as a content writer!). For another, they have inspired me to get more pedicures. Win-win.

I recently wore this outfit on a sunny day in the city. There was a lot of walking but I stayed comfortable! Plus, they just looked so chic with these pinstriped pants (from Boohoo, through Nasty Gal) and this white cropped tank (from M Boutique!). To finish off the look, I wore my favourite denim jacket (from @ournewvintage) and accessorized with a very cool pair of square sunnies from U3 Consignment.


These pink mules… I don’t have the words. Unfortunately, they are sold out, but I found similar pairs here and here.Mules really are the summer shoe that can do it all. They work with any outfit, for any occasion, at any time. I wore them with my all-white outfit to keep up the monochromatic feel without literally wearing white from head to toe. I also added my favourite denim jacket (not pictured) to make it look a little more casual – I went to get Chinese food after these photos were taken.

So there you go! My favourite trends of Summer 2019 and how I styled them. I am so excited to start wearing the fall pieces I’ve been collecting, and I can’t wait to style them. Let me know if you liked this post and want to see more look-book blog posts!

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Thanks for reading!