A Week of Office Looks + The Ultimate Workwear Essentials

Happy September!

As lovely as this long weekend was, the passing of Labour Day always feels like the end of summer. There’s totally another month before fall starts, but the summer-y vibe basically disappears after this last long weekend. It’s also definitely getting chillier here in Toronto, but real Canadians know we’re due for a heatwave before it stays cool for autumn.

I asked on Instagram if a week of office looks would be something you guys would want to see up on the blog, and the results were a resounding yes (thanks for the validation, guys). For reference, I work as a content writer at a consulting firm. My office is pretty relaxed, and the dress code is best described as business casual. Black jeans are okay and casual footwear (including open-toes) is okay. None of these looks are especially summer-y, especially since if you’re working in an office, it probably doesn’t feel like summer. That said, my wardrobe definitely changes when it gets colder, so if you like this lookbook and want to see another one in a month or so, let me know!

Everything is linked on my Like to Know It page, which you can access by clicking the title of each outfit. Here’s a rundown of everything I wore to work last week, from Monday to Friday.


This outfit is my go-to for days when I wake up late. I throw a pair of black jeans or slacks (whatever is easiest, honestly), a t-shirt, and my trusty houndstooth blazer. To accessorize, I always slip on my pearl-studded mules and throw a pearl hair-clip into my hair. This day in particular, I chose a pair of black jeans from Zara and a striped tee from Dynamite. My blazer was thrifted, but I’ve linked similar on my LiketoKnow.It page. My pearl mules are from Forever 21, but as they’re no longer available, I’ve linked similar styles for you. The hair accessories are from Zara as well, but they’re cheaper at Dynamite (and probably a lot of other places)!


This is my bad bitch uniform. Wearing a pencil skirt and blazer makes me feel large and in charge, in the best way possible. The skirt and blazer are both from Zara, but have since gone out of stock (but yeah, I’ve linked similar styles to shop!). My top is from Dynamite, and actually has a very cute open back detail. Normally, I wear my open-back, peep-toe ankle boots from Boohoo (which I did change into for a pic), but on this day I opted for a pair of comfy Adidas Superstars. Apart from my Adidas, every part of this outfit was out of stock, so I scoured the internet and linked identical pieces for you.


These pink and purple plaid pants are from Nasty Gal! They were sort of an impulse buy, and I originally didn’t like the way they fit on me. In an effort to avoid having to return something, I tried to get creative with cropping them or playing with proportions. Once they were rolled up, I found that I actually really liked the cropped look. I paired these with a basic black ribbed tee from Dynamite and my go-to black mules, also from Nasty Gal. To accessorize, I added these two pink enamel hairclips from Urban Outfitters. They worked with the pink/purple pants and they kept my hair in check. This entire outfit is linked on my Like to Know it page, along with some similar pants, since these only had a few sizes left.


The culottes are back! These are from Nasty Gal, and are most definitely linked on my LiketoKnow.It page, since so many people asked where they were from! I paired them with a deep orange turtleneck bodysuit and my Boohoo shoe-booties. I kept the accessories minimal (probably out of laziness), but did add a thin gold pendant from Swarovski. I love wearing these pants to work because they’re so cozy and comfortable, but still look put-together and chic. You can find these exact pants by clicking the title to reach my Like to Know it page.


I don’t actually say fri-yay, I just ran out of fun names for each outfit. My casual friday uniform is simple – I almost always opt for these olive jeans from Ardene (although my striped pants from Brandy Melville are a close second) and a graphic tee. It’s basically the office-appropriate version of my go-to ripped jeans and cropped top. This Friday, in particular, I wore these olive green belted skinnies, a thrifted t-shirt with Degrassi-era Drake on it, and my comfy Adidas superstars. These square sunnies (from U3 Consignment in Toronto) were not worn in the office, but are still essential to the overall look. The exact pants and shoes are linked on my Like to Know It page, and I’ve linked similar Degrassi tees, since this one was a rare find.

This was just one week, and I tried to provide as much variety as I could within the five days. In case you’re wondering, today I’m wearing a pair of black slacks from Dynamite, a gray sweater from Zara, and a pair of black, pointed-toe ankle boots from Boohoo.

This is my first office job, and as a girl who’s only ever worked in retail and event marketing, I had very few office-appropriate pieces (most of which I wore in this lookbook from last fall!). In my efforts to stock up on work clothes, I created a mini checklist of the most essential pieces for an office wardrobe. If you’re starting an office job soon, this will come in handy!

I’ve also compiled a short list of my go-to places to shop for office pieces:

  1. Dynamite – There are soo many great office-appropriate pieces, all at very reasonable prices. My favourite thing about Dynamite is that their white tops aren’t see-through. It’s a low bar, but it’s true.

  2. Zara – Not surprisingly, Zara is a treasure trove for basics like slacks, blazers and camisoles. Not to mention their selection of bags and jewelry that are definitely office-ready.

  3. Oak and Fort – For the minimalist shopper, this is a go-to. They’re a bit pricier, but it’s worth it to be on the side of sustainability, if you can. It’s worth mentioning that their sweaters are very cozy and their whites aren’t see-through either!

The other places I’ve mentioned in each outfit breakdown are great for one-offs, like printed pants or blazers, or trendy shoes, but these three are my go-to spots for the majority of my office wardrobe.

Pin my checklist on Pinterest for future use, and don’t forget to check out my Like to Know It page to shop any of the items above.

Thanks for reading!

xo Raye