21 Things I Loved While 21

Okay, disclaimer; this is not going to be a life lessons kind of blog post. I’m only 22 – I’m basically a child! I know some things, but 21? I dunno, I’d run out of things, I think.

I’m 22 today (a Libra, no one is surprised) and I thought this would be a great way to share some things I’ve enjoyed over the past year. This also allows me to share some photos that either didn’t make it to my Instagram page or haven’t yet. I’ve split them into 3 categories- fashion, beauty and lifestyle. That way, if you’re only interested in one category, you can go straight there. So let’s do it; here are 21 things I loved while I was 21.


1. Sunglasses – Fashion
Every morning, regardless of the weather or my plans for the day, I grab my wallet, phone, keys and a pair of sunglasses. I have sunglasses in every shape, size and colour and I’m pretty much always on the hunt for more. Do I need them? yes. My answer will always be yes. This year, my go-to pair were these gold-rimmed and tortoise-shell stemmed glasses from M Boutique. My favourite quirky pair were these square glasses that I picked up from U3 Consignment. *photos below* Shop similar here.

2. These. Zara. Boots.
I cannot and will not shut up about these boots that I love so much. They are so so sleek and I feel like a model off duty when I wear them. They go with everything, the snake print is so trendy, and they don’t demand too much attention despite being very cute. Shop similar here.

3. My go-to denim jacket
This was a birthday gift from my best friend last year. What a way to kick off being 21. I’ve yet to find an outfit that this jacket didn’t make better. I thrifted this Calvin Klein denim jacket a few years back and wore it sporadically, but never considered it a staple. That is, until Henry completely reworked it as part of his side project, New Vintage, where he paints on clothing to give it a new life. I sent him some abstract inspo pics, and he presented me with this absolutely fabulous jacket. It garners compliments whenever it sees the light of day, which is often! Check out New Vintage here.

4. Hair Candy

Huge for me this year. From hair clips, to headbands, to hair scarves, I wore it all. My favourites were this silky red scarf from H&M, these enamel hairclips from Urban Outfitters, and a sleek polka-dotted scarf from Forever 21. The exact ones I’m wearing are no longer available, but both are so trendy right now that I doubt you’ll have trouble finding similar styles.

5. Layered Chains

I guess it comes with the territory of the whole edgy fashion thing, but I’ve been really into layered chains. I have a few pieces that come with pre-set layers, but there’s something so fulfilling about throwing together chains you’ve collected and having it look good. Plus, layered chains can make a tee and jeans look like a model-off-duty fit.

6. Cardigans

I love love love this trend. I like when things that are cozy become fashionable, especially when they’re as easy to throw on as a cardigan. I just picked up this new one from Missguided and paired it with these layered chains (also from Missguided actually!).

7. Pants

21 was the year when I started not only wearing pants more often than jeans, but also enjoying it. Getting an office job wasn’t the catalyst, but was a great way for me to get more use out of them. Check out my previous post about my Week of Work #OOTDs for pant-clad inspo.


1. Low Buns
I’m sure a lot of people will feel my pain on this topic, but I really spent about 20 years feeling like low buns made me look like a founding father. Maybe the truest sign of maturity is when you stop worrying about whether you look like a founding father because at least your hair is out of your face. My low buns were made extra-special by the abundance of scrunchies I own. Shop my favourites here.

2. Eyeshadow Palettes

Part of my aesthetic in high school was being very low-maintenance. Embarrassingly so. It was cool for a while, you know, grunge was fashionable, so whatever, it worked. As I got older though, I started expressing myself more through my makeup than through my grungy wardrobe – which doesn’t really coincide with an office-apropos wardrobe, fyi. This year, I especially loved the Huda Beauty Obsessions Palettes in Ruby and Mauve, and the Morphe Palette 3502.

3. It Cosmetics: Gel Moisturizer

I got this moisturizer in an Ipsy bag two months ago. I used it for like a week straight and then lost it! I suspect my cats stole it. Anyway, I was so distraught over losing it that I promptly bought a new one – like a full-size one. It’s suuuppper light but still so so hydrating. Truly insane. I put some on Richie too and he loved it, so it’s boyfriend-approved.

4. Tarte: Sex Kitten Eyeliner

It makes a lot of sense that I’m a fall baby – I get very into the dark romanticism that always comes with autumn. My outfits get a little edgier, my makeup gets darker, and my eyeliner wings get thicker. This year, my favourite eyeliner was Sex Kitten from Tarte.

5. theBALM Cosmetics: Take Home the Bronze in ‘Oliver’

I just hit pan on this, so you know I’ve been using the fuck out of it. It looks super natural and a little goes a loooong way. It’s also anti-orange, which is so crucial when you’re trying to achieve a natural look. Overall, highly recommend this bronzer.

6. Tarte: Shape Tape Concealer

This is the first time a concealer has actually given me good coverage without making me look ridiculous (see: too white, cake-y, splotchy, etc.). It blends seamlessly and lasts a surprisingly long time without getting cake-y.

7. My Go-To Nude Lip

I have a lottt of lipsticks/glosses/etc., but over the past year, one of these two nude lips have always been in my bag: Urban Decay in Comfort Matte 1993, and Adesse New York’s All Day Lip Creme in Beverly Blvd. Adesse is more on the pink side, while the Urban Decay lip is more brown-toned, so it really depends on how I’m feeling that day!


1. Yellow Tail Moscato
I actually learned a thing or two about wine this year (no really, max. two things), and one of those things was that I am not a red wine lover. Richie and I picked up a bottle of yellow tail sometime last year and we loved it. So much so that we experimented with different kinds of moscato, and eventually realized that none of them compared to our O.G Yellow Tail. So now, not only am I a white wine kind of gal, but I have a preference for moscato. Is that also a sign of maturity?

2. Oat Milk
I’ve been dairy-free for over a year now, and I’ve mostly stuck to almond milk because for a while, it was the easiest thing to get at coffee shops. In the winter, I discovered an amazing Oatmeal Cookie Latte with Oat Milk from Balzac’s. I would get it every Thursday on my way to my 8am lecture, and it would honestly make my day. When it got warmer out, I started ordering oat milk in my iced coffees, and I noticed an insane difference in how deliciously creamy they were. It’s so much better for the planet to drink oat milk, and it does not contribute to the California water crisis! Love that! Trust me, try it.

3. French Pressed Coffee

A newer favourite, but one that has made my weekends so much better. I don’t have a coffee machine (one day!) so this is my favourite way to drink my home-brewed coffee.

4. Reading

I used to love reading – I was that kid who always had her nose in a book. But I’m an English major, so I read a lot for school. That makes me less excited to read for fun. Not to mention, I have about 20 things going on at all times and it’s hard to find a day to relax and read. This summer, I started reading ‘It’ by Stephen King (in preparation for the new movie, but also because I heard it’s super weird and crazy). I’m nearing the end now and looking forward to starting another book. Feel free to give me recommendations!

5. Money Diaries

By far the weirdest thing I’ve become obsessed with. I read a bunch on Man Repeller, fucking loved them, and then found out that Refinery 29 posts them every day! I like using them as a brain massage when I’m writing. They also make me feel better about my spending habits.

6. TV Fave: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I used to love Sabrina the Teenage Witch! I planned on watching the new reboot, but my plans weren’t solidified until I saw the trailer with K.Flay’s ‘Blood in the Cut’ playing, which is one of my all-time favourite songs. I was sold, and I actually really enjoyed the show! Definitely recommend.

7. um.. RuneScape…

Holy shit finally, this list took so much longer to curate than I’d originally imagined. Who knew it would be so hard to think of 21 things you liked? Anyway, I play a lot of RuneScape and I’m not really that embarrassed by it. It’s relaxing and my Virgo-cusp loves the feeling of achievement that I get when I level up or complete a quest line. This is a little-known fact, and was purposely put last so only the real ones would learn it. Thanks for reading this far.

That’s all! Curating this list took a surprising amount of introspection, which isn’t a bad thing, just a time-consuming and difficult thing! I hope you enjoyed reading even part of this list – and maybe even got some inspiration from it! Thanks for sticking with me through 21.

Lots of love,