Fall 2019’s Biggest Trends: Your Fall Shopping List

September has come and gone, and with it comes the start of fashion’s favourite season. Of course, I’m talking about fall. Now that we’re officially in October, everyone is starting to sport their autumnal fits – so I’m here to help you plan yours! Here are the biggest trends that you’re about to see everywhere, all fall long.


Let’s start strong with a trend that made major waves throughout the end of summer. Cardigans of all shapes and sizes are a huge trend right now. Whether you wear yours buttoned, in lieu of a top, caped and draped over a mini-tank or bralette or even as an extra layer – keep them around. This trend is amazing because you probably already have plenty of them in your closet. They’re inexpensive, easily thriftable and even easier to throw on in a pinch. Really such an effortless way to add layers, and we all know that fall is synonymous with layering.

Animal print

No one is surprised at this point – animal prints are still trendy! It feels like every time we go over this trend, there’s a new animal print in the mix. This time, it’s cow print. Polarizing, maybe, but something to consider for your statement accessories. I’ve seen some very cute cow print mini bags and manicures. Other trending prints include ones that you probably have in your closet by now – leopard, cheetah, snake…. the list goes on.

Mini bags

Another summer trend that has lived on. Whether you prefer a mini bag in the style of Jacquemus, a mini belt-bag or a long and sleek baguette (yes, that’s really what they’re called), this trend is an easy way to add some class and high-fashion to your fall wardrobe.

Prep School

Chastise me if you want, but I think the best way to describe this trend is like so; if Blair Waldorf would wear it, it’s prep-ready. It’s all about classic, but simple pieces. This includes pinafores, oxford shirts, plaid everything and our next item – blazers.


I chose to make this a separate category because to simplify this trend under the prep resurgence would be cruel. Businesswear has been having a fashion moment – trousers are the new skinny jeans, skinny pants are the new leggings and blazers? They’re the new fall topper. I love seeing blazers worn as dresses, but the most practical way to wear them is to swap out your go-to early fall jacket for a chic printed blazer (plaid, if you want to amp up the prep appeal). Once it gets colder, layer over your blazer with a teddy coat or long-line bomber to add texture and edge to your look.


I feel it in my bones – corsets are coming back this fall. This season always brings an aspect of dark romanticism, which is basically a modern take on Victorian-era fashion. Dark romance trends include puffy sleeves, ruffles, high-collars and ultra-cinched waists. So naturally, corsets would be a shoo-in. In my mind’s eye, I can see a black corset layered over a white blouse with puffed sleeves and a sweetheart neckline. A sleek black skirt (maybe pleather to add texture) and a pair of black knee-high boots. You’re welcome!



So maybe corsets aren’t your jam. Maybe the idea of dark romance is a little too gothic for you. Luckily, you can achieve the same cinched look with a belt. Statement belts are also going to be a huge trend this fall, as they often are alongside corsets. If you think about it, a statement belt is basically a modern corset… Use a belt to cinch an oversized blazer (especially if you’re wearing it as a dress), or get creative and give loose fabrics more shape by adding a belt.


Specifically, millennial purple. It’s like a rich lilac color – not quite too purple but not quite lavender either. I love when colours are trendy because there aren’t really any rules. You can paint your nails millennial purple to get on board, or even pick up a statement accessory in this trendy colour.


Cargo pants have made a comeback, and so have boiler jumpsuits. The key difference is that these modern takes on an old favourite are tapered. If you couldn’t tell, tailoring is a huge trend – not that it was ever not trendy to have clothes that fit you perfectly, but this season in particular is placing quite a focus on the perfect fit. Or, the illusion of the perfect fit (see: belts and corsets). Regardless, the utility trend is taken to new heights when accessorized correctly, which brings us to our next item.


Another fall favourite, returned. There are no rules and there are certainly no limits. Generally, fall fashion seems to prefer silver, but gold seems to be reigning supreme this season. Not that your choice of metal really matters – mixed metals are still very trendy. I’ve been cycling through a few of my favourite layered chains, but there is something to be said for creating your own combinations. Also, earrings with faces are heavily trending right now – time to bring back my pair from 2017!

Combat Boots and Lug Soles

Finally, we come to shoes and accessories. Along with dark romance, autumn is also known for being the height of grunge culture. Something about the falling leaves really awakens the angsty and emotional part of our souls. If you don’t already own a pair of combat boots – it’s time. The same goes for lug sole boots, which, if you’re not familiar, are boots with thick, rugged soles. These are often platform boots, so if you weren’t feeling edgy enough, get ready.

Knee-high Boots

On the opposite end of the fall shoe spectrum, knee high boots are also trending! A few years ago, fashion bloggers would not be seen without a pair of mid-thigh boots. This season, knee-high boots are taking charge. The most popular variety seems to be the boots that have a straight silhouette, and don’t follow the curve of your calf. While this adds bulk to your outfit, it works for early fall. Pair these with a mini dress, a skirt, or a skinny pant.

Hair Candy

Last but certainly not least – hair candy. This refers to hats, hair clips, headbands, bandanas, scrunchies and hair scarves… just to name a few. Right now, headbands are particularly trendy, with padded and embellished headbands basically acting as a socially appropriate crown (ahem, if you’re not thinking Blair Waldorf right now, you should be). For those who aren’t ready to accept headbands as a growing trend, a hair scarf is a modest and yet chic alternative.

Did I miss anything? Were you hoping to hear more (or see more) of a certain trend? Let me know! Also, catch my last post below to read about my 21 favourite things while 21!

Thanks for reading!

xo Raye