Spring Trends You Can Wear in Quarantine


So, it’s kind of a weird time right now, to say the least. There’s a lot of fear and worry in the world, and it’s definitely unnerving. Most of us have been stuck in our houses for over a month, and personally, it’s getting really stale. On a lighter note, it’s spring, it’s nice out (for those lovely, physical distancing walks) and winter is finally over!

Fashion is something that always makes me feel better, so maybe it will do the same for you. Here are my favourite spring trends – all quarantine-approved.



Luxe fabrics are always trendy during the spring and summer months – they’re light and airy, so they’re easy to wear when the weather gets warm.

Get Dressed: Pair a silky top with a pair of jeans, leather trousers, or slacks – it’s chic, luxurious, and super professional.

Stay in Bed: Opt for a silky pyjama set, and maybe even a matching sleep mask – why not? ‘Tis the season to indulge in laziness.

(I don’t wear pajamas, but if I did, I’d go for a silky two-piece like this one.)



Effortless cool-girl appeal. You’ve definitely seen chains all over your Instagram feed, and there’s a simple reason for it. They instantly dress up any outfit, even if you’re wearing sweatpants and your boyfriend’s t-shirt.

Normally, I would thrift these, but since that’s not an option right now, I recommend checking out trendy online shops like Missguided, Princess Polly and, for the bougie, Aureum Collective.

Get Dressed/ Stay Home:

No styling options here, you can throw them on anything.

(The ones I’m wearing are from Missguided, here’s a similar style.)

(P.S: my dream chain)



We’re not wearing bras anyway, so don’t bother digging for your strapless bra.

Opt for double-layered tube tops, so you get that extra bit of support. On the same note, a sturdier elastic up top means more durability and less accidental slips.

Get Dressed: Throw a blazer over it, layer on those chains, and add a high-waisted pant to boot – if you’re wearing pants, that is.

Stay in Bed: Sweatpants. All. The. Way. Maybe some biker shorts for some diversity. Chains optional, but encouraged.

(These are everywhere, but the cheapest I’ve seen them is at H&M)



This summer’s trending hues are baby blue, mint, sage, and matcha green, baby yellow, and lilac purple.

Colour trends are the easiest to follow, because it’s easy to incorporate colour in a small but mighty way. Something as simple as a scrunchie (this one is from H&M), or even a nail polish can add a strong pop of colour.

Get Dressed: If you’re bold enough to own a pastel blazer, now is the time to let her shine. Otherwise, a pastel accessory will add some spring feels to your work get-up.

Stay in Bed: Maybe you own some pastel-hued sweats that deserve their moment in the sun. Tie-dye is super in right now – dying a sweat set with pastels is not only cute, but also a fun DIY.



This trend is here to stay, folks. Good thing too, as I’ve already bought multiple.

A cropped button-up cardigan is a classic, but if you’re looking for something more feminine, try a tie-front cardigan. No need to shop for this one either – there are so many tutorials online (check TikTok) detailing how to turn your old button-up cardi into a trendy tie-front one.

Get Dressed: A camisole underneath can make this casual piece more work-appropriate, while still being comfy and cute.

Stay in Bed: Your cardigan is now your shirt – bra optional.

(This sage number is from Princess Polly – I sized up for extra room.)

I hope this gave you some much-needed outfit inspiration – at the very least, we can look cute while we watch too much TV. As always, thanks for reading!