A Perfect Summer Weekend with Voda Swimwear

I’m sure I speak for most of us when I say that this is far from the summer that I expected! Being my first summer out of school and working full-time, I was looking forward to a summer full of exciting adventures, sandy beaches, and endless pink cocktails.

Instead, it’s looking like my summer will consist of air conditioning, ice cream, and iced coffee. Not that any of those things are bad – they’re actually the glue holding me together.

I’m now officially a university graduate, diploma, and all. Although I technically completed my studies in December, it’s a little sad to think that there won’t be a graduation ceremony complete with flowers, caps, and gowns.

To celebrate my years of hard work, Richie and I booked a cottage right next to the Ottawa River – literally steps away. Between canoe trips, boat rides, and endless grilled meals, I spent time relaxing in the sun, wearing my new Voda Swimwear suit.

This suit, kindly gifted by Voda, is the Envy Push Up Banded String Bikini, in the color Electric Blue. I think the color is so fun and bright – it instantly put me in a good mood. I was a little skeptical of the push up in the bikini top, due to less-than-ideal experiences with push-up swimwear in the past. I was happily surprised to find that the fit was perfect, and so comfortable.

I love that the back strap has adjustable fastens, like a bra, but without the hook-and-eye closures. Instead, there are 4 pockets that you slip the closure through. The halter strap is, of course, adjustable, so there were no fit issues at all.

I also found that I didn’t have any slip moments – something I was concerned about with the push-up. Although I didn’t partake in any water sports or anything that involved jumping, I did wear the suit all day and didn’t worry at all about slipping out of the top.

Size-wise, I would absolutely recommend checking the size guide. I usually go for a size XS in tops and S in bottoms, but using the size guide, I chose an S, and it fits perfectly.

Other trip highlights? In trying to row to Mohr Island, we accidentally tipped our canoe over! Richie, unfortunately, lost one of his sandals to the current. In the end, it was fine – Mohr Island is allegedly the breeding ground for over half of North America’s mosquitoes, and plenty of poison ivy. No, thank you!

Thanks again to Voda Swim for sending over the Envy Push Up swimsuit, bringing a little extra electric blue to my celebratory weekend.

P.S: Protests are still going on around the world, fighting for justice and racial equality. Especially when celebrating Canada Day, I implore you to consider the plight of BIPOC in their never-ending fight for peace and safety. If you haven’t already, find ways to take action here.