7 Fall Trends You Need in Your Wardrobe

This year, I wanted to keep my fall shopping at a minimum. I knew I’d be working from home, so my only outings would be socially distant gatherings or grocery shopping (both vitally important occasions for fashion!). I also wanted to do my best to repurpose older items in my closet – fashion is cyclical, after all! With all that said, here’s what I DID buy this season… so you know they’re good.

Leather Trousers

When I saw how hard the Melina Pant from Aritzia was trending last month, I definitely wanted to get a pair. BUT, it’s like 200 dollars, and I totally already have a pair of leather pants! Mine are oldies from Pretty Little Thing (see, these have staying power!), but I’ll definitely have similar styles linked – for a much lower price point than the Aritzia pair.

These are amazing and go with pretty much anything – consider them an alternative to jeans in that way. They add an edge to any outfit, and are so flattering on the legs. I styled mine with a matching leather shacket and an easy crop top – effortlessly cool and so perfect for fall.

Shop Leather Pants: Pretty Little Thing Missguided Pretty Little Thing

Chunky Boots

So to be fair, I absolutely already own chunky boots. But I also have an obsession with fall shoes, so I really couldn’t resist – plus, this ASOS pair is amazing and totally worth it. They look good with everything!

Straight Leg Jeans

Another micro-trend this season are 90s-style straight leg jeans. The pair on everyone’s wishlist is this pair from Zara! I’ll be honest, I nearly gave in to this one, straight leg jeans are a newfound love of mine. However, I have an adorable pair from Princess Polly that hasn’t had nearly enough time on the feed, so I put those to good use instead!

I paired these jeans with this adorable crop top from Blushmark! The wrap detailing is so cool and subtly sexy – open backs are a major trend for the colder season, especially with the holidays around the corner. (Hot tip: Use code BMf567C20 to save on Blushmark.com!)


An autumn essential! Fall is all about collegiate vibes and dark academia (although dark academia is my vibe year-round). What better time to bring out some loafers? I picked up this cute and casual pair from H&M, but between us, I just came across this pair from ASOS and I only wish I’d seen them sooner. Too cute.

Sweater Vest

Definitely couldn’t leave this one out! I knew back in February that sweater vests would be trending hard this season – love when my predictions pan out! I thrifted a vintage Tommy Hilfiger vest early in the year, but I had to pick up one more in that creamy tone that Instagram loves. I chose this turtleneck one from H&M – I do love the V-neck version, but I felt this one would keep me warm all winter long.

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looking a lil shorter than usual 🤔

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You might be thinking, what’s a shacket? It’s a shirt-jacket, like a thinner coat that’s perfect for fall outwear, but would be better used as a shirt when it actually gets cold. A newbie to my closet, I picked two shackets this year – one plaid, one pleather.

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Leather separates for fall 🖤⛓

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This look again! I had to bring it back to draw your attention to the perfect leather shirt-jacket from Dynamite. After sifting through so many options, this one was like the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll be wearing it all fall, most of winter, and then all fall next year. I love how it looks styled with jeans, but no one can deny the power of an all-leather look – Matrix fans agree.

Originally, I wasn’t going to buy this plaid shacket (are you sick of this word yet?), but it kept calling out to me! I caved and I’m not upset about it. It’s quite warm, and I’m really pleased with the oversized fit (oh yeah, size down if you want a tight fit!). It’s one of those coats where you could throw on a beanie (or a beret, a la Emily in Paris) and look effortlessly cute.

Plaid Romper

It’s been so long since I wore a romper! I feel like they were so trendy for so long, and then they kind of lost out to matching separates. Even so, when I came across this plaid cutie from Ardene, it was a need. Plus, the dark tones totally complement tights, so it’s perfect to wear into winter. I paired it with my go-to chunky boots (linked above!) and a black cardigan layered underneath (for warmth, and because I love the ribbing on the sleeves).

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Romper look before it gets too cold 🖤 @ardene

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Knee-High Boots

Can you believe I didn’t already own a pair? Neither can I. I picked out this crocodile pair to add a little bit of texture to what will likely be a season of cozy knits and smooth leather (in case you missed that from the rest of this list). They look so cute with dresses – and dresses look adorable layered under sweaters… sounds like a perfect combination to me!

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My go-to fall outfit these days 🖤

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As of now, I’m done with fall shopping, and feeling very confident in my picks. Let me know what you think and, more importantly, what’s on your fall shopping list!

Thanks for reading!

xo Raye

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